Drunk in a Midnight Choir: Do You Think Joey Chestnut Has What It Takes To Be A Man?; A Litany of The Last Day of 2013; How to love in the ocean

The Legendary: THIS IS EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT ALASKA; a hallmark card for your first antidepressant prescription; 10th and 5th; What We Leave Behind 

Potluck: My body is a bunker, or love in the time of air raid; the subject

Borderline Poetry: Advice from a FlannelOn A Balcony In Long Island, Gatsby Talks Me DownMy blankie texts me at 2am

Pretty Owl Poetry: sertaline as a family tree; the way most people play two truths and a lie

"Knick" in We Will Be Shelter (Write Bloody Publishing)
"Loving Her Is Red" in Again I Wait For This To Pull Apart (Freezeray Press)


The New Midnight  Society on WNYU (skip to 23:00 for performance of "40 Body Parkts")

The Pleasure Principle on WNYU (skip to 23:42 for performance of "Cut Break Lines and the Poeople Who Ride Them")